Managed Security

We at ValueMentor, provide outsourced monitoring and management of security devices and systems through our Managed Security Services. We utilize the top tools in the industry, the latest technology and exceptional expertise to help secure your valuable assets.

The ValueMentor team of security experts have performed provided Managed Security Services to different verticals :

  • Banking & Finance
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Ecommerce & mCommerce
  • Hospitality & Retail

#Managed Security Services

MDR Logging & Monitoring

Managed detection and response (MDR) at ValueMentor provides organizations with threat hunting services. A team of researchers & experts are responsilble in idnetifying the full scope of a threat and also take counter measures to respond to the threat and completely eradicate it.

Endpoint Detection & Response

At ValueMentor, our security experts assist in the consolidation of data from the endpoints activities. We utilize threat intelligence coupled with the data from endpoints for investigation of anomalies and to uncover incidents that may exist for Endpoint detection and response.

Network Detection & Response

The Network Detection and Response team at ValueMentor helps in detecting and preventing malicious network activity. We continuously monitor your networks utilizing threat intelligence to detect and prevent malicious network activity.

SIEM & Log Management

SIEM and event log management solutions work hand in hand and can provide important data by consolidating and scrutinising the data from log sources. Our managed services enable you to understand the threats ahead of time which will enable you to strenghthen the security defenses.

Incident Analysis & Investigation

Our team of experts at ValueMentor enable organizations to analyze and immediately respond to attacks. We immediately investigate the incident and assess the security threats that it may pose to the organization and take the specific actions that are required to protect the environment.

Proactive Threat Hunting

At ValueMentor, we identify the attack behaviours that aren’t detected by current automated methods of prevention and detection, thereyby detecting the most sophisticated threat behaviors you may not have been aware of nor can be detected the best security systems.

Incident Response should be part of every organization’s active defences. We help you create a well-coordinated Incident Response strategy which would help you in minimizing the repercussions of the incident and incorporating measures to prevent future incidents.

ValueMentor Team of Experts in Digital Forensics & cybersecurity investigations can assist you in uncovering every aspect of the crime, right from digital forensic evidence recovery to identifying the source of the crime which can be presented for legal proceedings.

Research beyond the business plan

Threat intelligence provides unique, comprehensive information surrounding active and evolving threats, with insight into adversary TTPs. Selecting a vendor with a frontline view of what industry and business-specific threat actors are targeting, along with the tools they are likely to use, is critical when maturing a cybersecurity program.

ValueMentor helps organizations in continuously monitoring, fine-tuning and updating firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention systems and other security systems from internal and external network attacks.

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