Mobile App Security Testing

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Mobile App Security Testing

Mobile application security testing is conducted for a mobile app which is implemented on both the iOS and Android platform. The test is done to ensure that there are no loopholes in the software that may cause data loss. The importance of this type of testing is to make sure that the user’s data which are stored in mobile phones are properly encrypted and also to reduce the probability of privacy breach for every individual who is using the application.

ValueMentor helps its client organization in determining the existing security threats in their mobile applications.

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Methodology For Mobile App Security Testing


Our team collects all data or information’s which is required for successful exploitation of mobile application. Like Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Understanding the Platform, Client-Side vs Server-Side Scenarios, users section remains active until its manually log off and so on.


Changes are noted down, before and after installation by our testing team.


Based on the information gathered, our pen tester tries to attack the mobile application. The pen testing is classified into three types Black-box, Gary-box, And White-box. The pen tester attempts to exploit the vulnerability in order to gain sensitive information or perform malicious activities.


Our report involves discovered vulnerabilities, consequences to the business and possible remediation or recommendations.

Detailed Approach

ValueMentor assists organizations in performing the yearly PCI risk assessment which aids in identifying the risks which could potentially impact the security of cardholder data.

The analysis of temporary storage, sensitive information, and client-side encryption are done.

The mod of communication is found out and it is thoroughly studied and analyzed that any data loss exists in between the communication.

The security level of the server is found in this process.

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