NESA Compliance


NESA Compliance

The National Electronic Security Authority (NESA), as authorized by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government, is responsible to improve national cybersecurity by protecting its information and communications infrastructure. As part of this mandate, NESA has developed Information Assurance (IA) standards to provide security compliance requirements for entities that support critical national services across all sectors to have minimum level of security.

ValueMentor Approach

The NESA UAE IA framework has defined its control requirements with respect to the following priority levels: Priority 1 (P1), Priority 2(P2), Priority 3(P3) & Priority 4 (P4).

ValueMentor proposes a stage-wise engagement with its clients to achieve compliance with its applicable P1-P4 control requirements as laid down by NESA UAE IA framework.

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Understand the organization context and its requirements to further develop a plan that helps to achieve its focal objectives.

Assess the current posture of the organization with respect to NESA information assurance (IA) framework and identify major areas that needs to be focused for improvement.

Identify and evaluate information security risks and develop plans for its treatment in accordance with National Cyber Risk Management Framework laid down by NESA.

Help client organizations align with NESA information assurance (IA) framework by working alongside with organization based on remediation plans developed with them.

Effectiveness of the NESA information assurance framework (IA) implementation within the organization is tested and evaluated by performing periodic internal audits. The goal of the internal audits is to identify the level of alignment of the organization with respect to NESA compliance requirements.

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  • Proven record on supporting clients to keep hold of their NESA compliance requirements.
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