NIST CSF Compliance


NIST CSF Compliance

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cyber Security Framework (CSF) is a voluntary framework that consists of standards, guidelines & best practices to effectively manage & control cyber risks within any organization. Originally developed in collaboration between US government and industry to protect its critical national infrastructure, this framework is now widely adopted across the globe by many private and public sector organizations as a baseline reference for achieving cybersecurity maturity & resilience.

ValueMentor Approach

ValueMentor helps organization implement NIST CSF in a phase-wise approach

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We understand the context of the client organization through its internal and external environment and work culture. Based on this understanding, a suitable plan is developed with associated responsibilities and activity timelines being clearly defined.

We assess the current organization framework profile with reference to NIST framework core across three verticals: People, Process & technology, which is then communicated along with its risks and areas of improvement. A target organization framework profile to achieve is then defined that goes in line with organizational business requirements.

We help design and develop an appropriate cyber security governance program that is mindful of the many layers of stakeholders involved in your organization’s security. We help develop the appropriate policies, procedures along with its required technical controls and plan for periodic internal reviews required to achieve and maintain your target organization framework profile.

We help bridge the gap between your new security controls, and their day-to-day deployment, by training, educating, and offering hands-on implementation support to your biggest source of security risks— the people within your end users, IT users, and senior management

We help organizations to maintain their security framework profile by defining suitable control monitoring metrics and conducting periodic internal audits. This would enable organizations to keep track of its cyber risks and monitor effectiveness of cyber security controls set against.

Why choose ValueMentor?

  • Team of seasoned consultants with work backgrounds in multiple industries
  • Rich Expertise in implementing NIST CSF across various organizations globally (mainly Northern America & EMEA)
  • Proven record on supporting clients to keep hold of their security framework profile regardless of its business/operational challenges.
  • Ability to provide vendor agnostic solutions to design organization security framework.
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