PCI Penetration Testing


Secure you online transaction.

PCI Penetration Testing

PCI DSS (payment card industry data security standards), the purpose of this type of testing is to secure the online payment transaction. In PCI DSS requirement 11.3 states that any critical systems that may impact the security of the CDE, as well as the environment in scope for PCI DSS, must conduct it. Mostly it is performed at least once annually or after any significant changes to your network or applications.

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PCI Penetration Testing Methodology

The pre-engagement activities which our team conducts include certain steps like scoping, documentation, rules of engagement, success criteria, review of past threats and vulnerabilities also which all applications the scanning should be avoided are mentioned here.

Based on the environment our testing team selects the most appropriate approach and the tools required to perform the penetration test. which involves

  • Application layer testing
  • Network layer testing
  • Segmentation

After the testing is conducted remediation is advised which says about best practice method. Then they are again undergone retesting which will helps in determine the existing vulnerabilities are solved and whether new vulnerabilities have appeared. At last cleaning, up process is done.

This is the final report which is given it includes identified vulnerabilities report, which industrial standards have been referred, penetration testing report outline and so on.

PCI Penetration Testing Features

To check whether the PCI requirements are met by the organization.

To determine the weakness of the system.

To determine how much the malicious user can access the system.

#PCI Penetration Testing Approach

  • External Penetration Test:
    We conduct testing based on the exposed external perimeter of the CDE and critical systems connected or accessible to public network infrastructures.
  • Internal Penetration Tests:
    Hear our team conducts penetration testing based upon the internal perimeter of the CDE from the perspective of any out-of-scope LAN segment that has access to a unique type of attack on the CDE perimeter.
  • Segmentation Tests:
    It is performed from any non-CDE environment that is intended to be completely segmented from the CDE perimeter.
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