Red Team Exercises


Paid hacking done by an entrepreneur to test you

Red Team Exercises

Red Team testing is basically a multi-layered attack simulation which is designed to measure all scopes like how well your company’s staff, networks, application and physical security controls could withstand a cyber-attack from a real-life adversary and moreover how long will it take to overcome it.

ValueMentor conducts all types of exercise to break through the defense security system of an organization. The main activity which we conduct is similar to a real cyber attack.

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Red Team Excercise Approach

Our red team conducts testing activities based on

Information security
Internet Security
Social Engineering
Wireless Security
Physical Security
Communications Security
Features of Red Team
  • Think outside the box
  • Deep knowledge of system
  • Software development
  • Penetration testing
  • Social engineering.
Benefits of Red Team
  • Risk of attack is reduced
  • Approach is customized
  • Risk is categorized according to Priorities.
  • Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Which all systems are available at downtime.

Red Team Methodology

Based on the requirement of our clients our red team security activities may vary. But some of the common methodologies which our red team follows are.

Information gathering involves the gathering of required data which are used by our red team experts for the purpose of conducting the attack. For instance, IP address, API endpoint, previous cyber-attack history and so on.

Here the types of attack which is going to be conducted by our red team and a detailed study of how to execute each attack.

In this, a section is targeted and then the attack is launched.

The detailed of all mappings and security attacks which are conducted are involved in this report.

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