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Log management is a process of collecting, analyzing, and archiving large volumes of machine-generated log messages. These log messages are used to audit system activity, understand user behavior, investigate security incidents or suspicious activity, and generate compliance reports. Security information and event management (SIEM) provides a more holistic view of an organization’s security posture by centralizing, normalizing, and correlating data from multiple sources to detect suspicious activity, unusual patterns, unauthorized access, and a potential attack in real time.

SIEM and Log Management

Sophisticated hackers are constantly changing their game, adopting more intensive methods of attack. If your organization is still relying on a traditional firewall and base-line reporting tools, it is not prepared for today’s level of threat.

SIEM enables an organization to get a big-picture view of its security events throughout the enterprise. By bringing together security log data from enterprise security controls, host operating systems, applications and other software components, a SIEM can analyze large volumes of security log data to identify attacks, security threats and compromises.

SIEM benefits are:

  • Ability to send alerts based on predefined settings.
  • Reporting functionality to ease the burden of compliance and audits.
  • Ability to look at data in varying levels of detail.

Just having a SIEM in place is not enough to adequately protect your sensitive data and customer information. Without the use cases, correlation rules and other intelligence built into your SIEM, the software will not perform as you need, and it will not sufficiently detect cyber threats to your secure environment.

In ValueMentor, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Use Case really depends on your business risks and priorities, a detailed threat assessment is paramount in creating a comprehensive use case profile. As a result, you receive actionable alerts with lower false positives.

Our cybersecurity experts will tune your SIEM, adding correlation rules and building hundreds of use cases to improve your SIEM’s performance and help you get more value and use out of your current cybersecurity posture.

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Why choose ValueMentor?

ValueMentor can bring the best SIEM technologies including our own MDR-SOC Platform to collect event logs and security events 24/7. Our service goes beyond compliance monitoring and offers capabilities to build and constantly fine-tune rules for detecting threats and non-compliances.

  • Enables actionable threat intelligence to predict security threats
  • Zero-day threats, malware, and reputation feeds for proactive prevention actions
  • 24x7x365 security monitoring and threat detection through proven use-case based framework.
  • User Behavior Monitoring to alert in case of anomaly in user action
  • In-depth assessment of potential and qualified security incidents by skilled security experts
  • Incident and threat response as per agreed procedure and stipulated Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Assistance in containment of impacted asset, remediation, and restoration.
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