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Vulnerability & Patch Management Service

Patch and vulnerability management is a security practise designed to proactively prevent the exploitation of IT vulnerabilities that exist within an organization. The expected result is to reduce the time and money spent dealing with vulnerabilities and exploitation of those vulnerabilities. Proactively managing vulnerabilities of systems will reduce or eliminate the potential for exploitation and involve considerably less time and effort than responding after exploitation has occurred.

But many time’s it’s easier said than done. ValueMentor’s Managed Vulnerability & Patching Service solves a critical and sometimes overlooked issue all organizations face. Propel your organization forward by shifting focus away from maintenance tasks and towards important goals.

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Challenges with Enterprise Patch Management

Ideally, an organization would deploy every new patch immediately to minimize the time that systems are vulnerable to the associated software flaws. However, in reality this is simply not possible because organizations have limited resources, which makes it necessary to prioritize which patches should be installed before other patches. Further complicating this is the significant risk of installing patches without first testing them, which could cause serious operational disruptions, potentially even more damaging than the corresponding security impact of not pushing the patches out.

Enterprise patch management is relatively straightforward when all of the hosts are fully managed and running typical applications and operating systems on a regular platform. When alternative host architectures are employed, patch management can be considerably more challenging

Enterprise patch management can cause resources to become overloaded. For example, many hosts might start downloading the same large patch (or bundle of patches) at the same time. This could consume excessive network bandwidth or, if the patches are coming from an organization patch server, overwhelm the resources of that server.

Installing a patch may cause side effects to occur. A common example is an installation inadvertently altering existing security configuration settings or adding new settings. This may create a new security problem in the process of fixing the original vulnerability via patching. Organizations should be capable of detecting side effects, such as changes to security configuration settings, caused by patch installation.

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Updated System Inventory

Success of program closely blends itself in having an updated inventory of Organization IT Assets to determine which hardware equipment, operating systems, and software applications are used within the organization. 

Monitor Threats & Vulnerabilities

Powered by In-house Threat Intelligence team & one of the largest repo of vulnerabilities-SCAP Repo, customer assts are constantly monitored for emerging threats & vulnerabilities. 

Patch Verification & Reporting

Final step is to verify the patches & report to customer at the end of each Patching cycle.

Conduct Patch Testing

Prioritized patches are then applied to test systems & VM team work closely with customers to test patches on Important systems. 

Auto Deployment of Patches

Successfully tested patches are then deployed as per schedules worked out. 

Patch Verification & Reporting

Final step is to verify the patches & report to customer at the end of each Patching cycle.

Why choose ValueMentor?

  • Proactive Protection
    Automates vulnerability identification and prioritizes remediation based on risk to business operations closing vulnerabilities before they are exploited.
  • Comprehensive Coverage with Low System Footprints
    Our Agent-based approach keeps all major operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and third-party applications up-to-date without impacting the system or network resources.
  • Powered by ValueMentors Threat Intelligence Team
    Our Vulnerability & Patch Management service is powered by Unit-22, ValueMentor’s Inhouse threat intelligence Unit & is integrated with SCAP-REPO-One of the largest Vulnerability database.
  • Flexible Schedules
    Offered from ValueMentor’s 24/7/365 operational MDR SOC, service offers customizable deployment schedules.
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