SWIFT CSP Assessment Service

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What is SWIFT CSP?

SWIFT Customer Security Program (CSP) is a framework set for SWIFT users to detect and prevent fraudulent activities, provides guidelines for information sharing and enhances SWIFT related tools for its community-wide users.

ValueMentor SWIFT CSP Assessment & Attestation Program targets the root detection & prevention of fraudulent activities and helps SWIFT users stay compliant.

SWIFT Customer Security Controls Framework (CSCF) comprises a set of advisory & mandatory security controls for improving security and transparency across the global financial community. SWIFT CSP focuses on 3 areas

  1. Secure and protect your local SWIFT environment
  2. Prevent & detect fraud in your counterparty relationships and
  3. Continuously share information and prepare to defend against future attacks.

Please follow the link to take a look at the changes for SWIFT CSP 2022

SWIFT CSP Consultancy & Assessment Services

SWIFT CSP Gap Assessment

ValueMentor expert Team of Payment Security performs an in-depth Gap Assessment of your SWIFT CSP Controls against the SWIFT CSCF (SWIFT Customer Security Controls Framework) requirements. We will analyze both mandatory and advisory SWIFT CSP controls. A SWIFT CSP Gap Assessment Report get delivered along with the remediation plan.

CSCF Remediation Services

SWIFT CSP consultancy by ValueMentor offers advisory on the technical implementation of solutions. We can perform vulnerability scanning and penetration testing for all connected SWIFT applications and interfaces. We also provide security monitoring assistance to meet the SWIFT CSP compliance requirements as a part of the SWIFT CSP Assessment Program.

SWIFT CSP Attestation

ValueMentor Team conducts SWIFT CSP Assessment of your SWIFT environment. We perform initial and subsequent annual external assessments on your behalf. Our Managed compliance process for SWIFT CSP ensures that you continuously meet the SWIFT CSP compliance requirements towards successful SWIFT CSP Attestation.

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SWIFT CSP Remediation Services

Privileged Access Management

SWIFT CSP requires access to the SWIFT servers by privileged users go controlled. Our SIWFT Advisory Service helps you identify solutions to control and manage privileged user access to the SWIFT servers.

Hardening & Patching

SWIFT CSP mandates user SWIFT environment to be patched and hardened to prevent cyber-attacks. Our Advisory Services furnish assistance in Hardening and Patching your SWIFT environment.

Vulnerability Scanning & Penetration Tests

Periodic Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Tests help you determine security weaknesses in your SWIFT environment. Vulnerability scanning is a mandatory control, while penetration testing is an advisory control.

Identity Management & MFA

Our SWIFT Advisory Service helps you establish Identity Management practices and identify solutions to meet multi-factor authentication requirements.

Logging & Monitoring

Our MDRSOC service line helps you log the security events and monitor anomalous actions/activities within the local SWIFT environment.

Incident Response Planning

An effective cyber incident plan will provide a consistent and effective approach to managing cyber incidents. ValueMentor can help you prepare Incident Response (IR) plans.

SWIFT customer security program FAQs​

What is the SWIFT CSP?

SWIFT’s customer security program (CSP) aims to prevent, detect and mitigate deceitful/fraudulent activities through mandatory and advisory security controls, community-wide information sharing initiatives, and improved security features on their products.

Should Advisory Controls be adopted?

Customers are required to implement all Mandatory Controls. However, the Advisory Controls focus on reducing the attack surface and vulnerabilities, detecting anomalous activity to systems or transaction records, and planning incident response and information sharing. These controls can be ideally opted after performing risk assessments.

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