UAE Cyber Compliance


Signals Intelligence Agency (SIA), earlier known as NESA, is responsible for overseeing the implementation of UAE Information Assurance Standards across the critical information infrastructure of UAE.  NESA enforces the compliance through the sector regulators such as Central Bank, Insurance Authority etc. Organizations that operates the national critical information infrastructure are called CII Operators. NESA organizes the cyber risk management using a tiered approach for risk reporting and compliance management.

NESA Compliance takes a prioritized approach (4 priorities) towards achieving compliance. Priority 1 contains 39 controls, which is around 20% of the total of 188 controls. Organizations that comply with the P1 controls might be able to reduce the cyber incidents by 80%.

ValueMentor provides end to end consultancy, services and implementation assistance to achieve NESA Compliance. We have experience in implementing NESA compliance for Insurance companies, Government departments, NESA for Banks and healthcare.

NESA Risk Assessment

Perform NESA / SIA Risk Assessments and Gap Assessments

NESA Compliance implementation

Have you undergone a NESA audit? We can help you in NESA Compliance remediation implementation.

NESA Technical Controls

Are you looking for help in configuring your systems and security devices to meet NESA compliance?


Dubai Information Security Resolution (DGISR) focuses on ensuring cyber security of Dubai by bringing in International Best Practices. Dubai Smart Government mandates the implementation of DG ISR on Dubai government departments / entities.

DG ISR maps ISO 27001 in a more applicable way to Dubai entities. The controls are mapped to 12 domains namely:

  1. Information Security Management and Governance;
  2. Information Asset Management;
  3. Information Security Risk Assessment;
  4. Incident Management;
  5. Access Control;
  6. Operations, Systems and Communication Management;
  7. Business Continuity Planning;
  8. Information Systems Acquisition, Development and Management;
  9. Environmental and Physical Security;
  10. Human Resource Security;
  11. Compliance and Audit; and
  12. Information Security Assurance and Performance Measurement.

ValueMentor provides expert consulting for Dubai ISR compliance & ISO 27001 compliance

AE / SCNS / NCEMA 7000:2015

National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) oversees the AE/SCNS/NCEMA 7000:2015 standard. NCEMA standard mandates the implementation of Business Continuity Management Systems (BCMS) in accordance with the NCEMA 7000 standard. Implementing the BCMS using NCEMA standard helps you acheive the following:

  • Comply with national regulations
  • Develop business continuity and disaster recovery plans and procedures
  • Effective recovery from disruptive events.

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