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Top Reasons Why You Need a Virtual CISO

Top Reasons Why You Need a Virtual CISO

How the term spears up – Virtual CISO (vCISO)

Every day a new breach story is alive on the internet and seems to hike up with the stats. These are just stories for many enterprises until an event or incident occurs. There is definitely an increased risk of cyber threats and incidents with evolving digital technology. Enterprises need to protect their customer data, privacy, and user information. Likewise, they need to develop and implement a security strategy circling these objectives. Finding an experienced CISO and re-numerating the experience is the current challenge for any enterprise. Here is where the feasible option of Virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) as a service comes to the forefront.

What is a virtual CISO?

A vCISO is a security expert who operates from a virtual environment, strategizing, recommending, or advising cyber security best practices. Expert consulting firms provide the service as an outsourced expert or team to build and maintain enterprise security. Hence, the service line is known as virtual CISO or vCISO services. So, the next question is how a vCISO differ from a normal CISO position.

Difference between a CISO and virtual CISO

Usually, a vCISO has a similar role to a CISO but is a more viable service offering comparing a full-time position. On the contrary to a dedicated CISO position, it differs in cost and offered flexibility. Also, a CISO requires constant training and updation, which is an additional cost that adds up for enterprises. In total, it depends purely on enterprise choice. They can either go for a permanent high-scale position or scale up and down through virtual CISO advisory services. Here are some of the top facets that make vCISO a popular pick among enterprises looking for cyber safety.

1. vCISO service is a force of experienced Information Security Professionals with multi-cultural and industry experiences.
2. vCISO service availability is 24x7x365 days, based on the adopted service level.
3. vCISO service is less expensive than a permanent hired resource.
4. vCISO service recommendations are independent and cannot be influenced by internal factors. It highlights true information security posture of enterprises.
5. vCISO service can be scaled up and down based on the financial implications of the company. Enterprises can choose between the service levels based on the internal capabilities.
6. vCISO service customer organizations remain updated against the latest threats. It is due to the presence of the service with multi-cultural, industrial, and regional customer associations.

Types of enterprises scoping under vCISO service

No company can function without information, and it is the highest-selling commodity today. When cyber security is a top concern, most enterprises require a swift response strategy and reduced cost to their appetites. Hiring a virtual CISO (vCISO) can accelerate incident response and other security-related processes.

Likewise, the service gets used by enterprises having short-term security needs, or having tight schedules, and facing budget constraints. A full time CISO may fall apart to the requirements in such scenarios. But the question here is if the service bears all the cyber security requirements or not. For this, we need to identify the major tasks handled by a virtual CISO.

Service Extension offered under vCISO service

Virtual CISO services come weaponized as a team of experts in information security governance. It can be a blue team, red team, security reviews, application testing, source code reviews, security solution implementations etc. Along with the executive advisories and recommendations, the following are the services that can be availed as an extension to this service.

  • Providing threat intelligence to risks and upholding the security of enterprises.
  • Performing continuous risk assessments and regular penetration tests.
  • Reviewing and refining current security policies present in the IT framework.
  • Enlightening the security objectives, aligning the business objectives and to risks and threats faced by the companies.
  • Managing enterprise security team for the sound deployment of cybersecurity best practices
  • Setting up policies, procedures, and strategies in line with the goals of the enterprise.
  • Recommending incident containment and mitigation plans.
  • Updating cyber security strategies to use clever technologies and threat information.
  • Revaluating investigations after data breaches and advising plans to avoid similar vulnerabilities.
  • Implementation of global and local security standards like PCI DSS, HIPAA, ADHICS, ISO 27001, ISO 22301, Data Privacy Standard.

Top benefits of hiring a virtual CISO

The service benefits of vCISO extend towards multiple industry verticals. The service line of Virtual CISO consulting services providers prove ideal for enterprises searching for a flexible model of cyber security strategy. Additionally, it targets an effective cost-cutdown strategy for your cyber security needs with expert advisory and consulting. So, here goes some of the best bid benefits of hiring a virtual CISO service.

  • Open-door to a team with adept specializations

There are many practical boundaries for a full-time CISO position. One significant thing to consider here is that almost all CISO positions are uni-specialized. On the contrary, a vCISO service offers an open-door to a team of security professionals with different specializations. While considering a CISO position, it is hard to keep track of all your enterprise security concerns. And to find someone with that quality is difficult indeed. But, when you opt for a vCISO, you get enough experience under your belt to handle enterprise security needs. For enterprises with limited resource capabilities, a vCISO is a flexible solution that provides access to expert advisories.

  • A vCISO costs less than an internal hire

So, what are the costs that add up when hiring a full-time CISO? First, there is onboarding expense and recruitment cost. Next, a dedicated CISO position requires continuous training and updation. Additionally, enterprises need to ensure the availability of adequate resources for expert functioning. It is not the case while coming to virtual CISO advisory services. You get a professional match-up for the position with the required industry expertise. It is a scalable process, and enterprises can choose the service levels based on actual requirements. Besides the provided flexibility, they also get a broader range of professional services at less cost.

  • Staying up to date on information security threats

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and cyber threats are rising. The issue faced by the enterprises here is that attackers are often bypassing the existing security frameworks. One possible reason is that attackers keep evolving and updating with newer trends and infiltration techniques. Without a 360-degree eye, it is hard to spot the vulnerabilities that wrap around your network. Having continuous and ongoing support of vCISO services give extra vigour to enterprise security. They constantly update about the latest threat factors and can determine the right solution for specific security incidents.

  • Keeping a closer eye on cyber security essentials

As the process encases expert security talents, the monitoring phase becomes more solid. There won’t be any gaps in the service offering, and enterprises can enjoy the best cushion with zero security concerns. These professionals keep a keen monitoring eye and conduct a detailed inspection of your security posture with ongoing requirements. They prove swift detection and remediation plans when spotting information security incidents. Undetected issues are a top area of concern for any enterprise. By choosing a Virtual CISO (vCISO) service, enterprises can meet the professional advice and strategy to catch the undetected.

  • Improving the in-house security team

Hiring a vCISO is always a learning option for an enterprise in-house IT team and other professionals. Enterprises can fully utilize the skills and experience of the hired professional. IT security has become a continual requirement in the digital world. The security of an organization not only depends on the person with the designated role. It depends on how the whole organization reacts to the deployed security measures. With a vCISO service, enterprise staff and other security professionals can observe and learn the best practices in information security.

  • Ensuring compliance with regulations

With a vCISO, enterprises can ensure that business continuity and disaster recovery plans go upright. As a part of the vCISO service line, all security controls are inspected and tested to combat evolving cyber threats. The experience of a vCISO service becomes vital when enterprises look to comply with various global standards and regulations. The laws keep on changing, and you require the latest insights to keep track of the compliance and applicable regulations. GDPR compliance is one such regulation and the role of a vCISO here is vital to the frame. The service helps in data privacy impact assessments for networks and provides the needed information for effective compliance. Moreover, it can take enterprises to the next level by enhancing the reputation to the peak.

  • Reduced business risks and work flexibility

In contrast to a full-time CISO position, vCISO introduces that work flexibility to your enterprise. You no longer need to involve in long-term term services. It is as simple as that – when the project ends, your commitment ends. You go free from any additional cost add-up or payrolls, limiting business risks in the same domain. Also, enterprises can resume their work at any point by tapping into their expert belt. In total, the scalable nature of the process gives enterprises the advantage of cutting down long term expenses. Also, there can be associated risks while hiring your own position, training, bringing utilities, technologies, and tools. A vCISO addresses this concern by wrapping up all the requirements through the service line.

Final thoughts

Cyber security is hitting the prior necessity for enterprises regardless of size, industry, or domains. With that thought in mind, enterprises face numerous constraints on their way while looking for cyber readiness. It can be limitations in budget, resources, information, and many more. The benefits of virtual CISO advisory services goes well beyond these constraints. They require little to no training when delivering your prior security requirements. In this way, picking the specific service can boost your productivity on the flip side, maintaining an upright security posture.