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What is a Virtual CISO Office/vCISO Office Service?

Virtual CISO or vCISO Office Service is a ‘Start to Finish’ cybersecurity program that bridges security strategies, policies, and advisories towards their sound deployment. A vCISO Office Program circles the complete management of IT security of customer organizations.

Why vCISO Office Service?

While organizations lack sufficient input resources and efforts at the deployment end of cyber security practices, our vCISO Office Consultancy offers a comprehensive program covering Security Consulting & Advisory, Security Testing, Security Operations, and Cyber Engineering.

ValueMentor vCISO Office Service helps customers avail the benefits of complete cyber security protection under a unique umbrella, including assessments, advisories, testing’s, solutions roadmap, operations, maintenance, and audits.

Benefits of Virtual CISO Office

Benefits of Virtual CISO Office

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Program Facets of vCISO Office

  • Strategy Building: A high-level plan through which organizations traverse the cyber security path, securing assets and minimizing risks.
  • Risk Assessments: Analysing potential hazards and furnishing cyber security risk reports/ compliance specific reports (SAMA/ISO27001) with action plans.
  • Security Baselines: Set of security controls, policies and procedures ensuring an appropriate level of security to the IT infrastructure.
  • Security architecture review: Unfolding systemic security issues and validating the security of the existing deployments for an upright posture.
  • Security Testing & Assessments: Uncovering security threats, conducting vulnerability assessments, penetration tests and phishing simulations.
  • Cyber Security Awareness: Conducting cyber security awareness programs for end-users, extending their knowledge base on cyber security practices.
  • Monitoring & Incident Management: Incident identification, logging, notification, investigation, diagnosis, recovery, and incident closure.
  • Security operations: Protection of entire IT infrastructure that wraps all security operations related to systems, applications, data, hardware, and software.
  • Security audits: Delivering independent security audits for customer organizations, adhering to the required compliance on any cyber security standard.

vCISO Office: Consulting & Advisory

Virtual CISO Office program offers expert cyber security advisory and consulting services that back organizations in building a long-term cyber security strategy in compliance with respective industry standards. We deliver the needed guidance on security practices and dip our eyes on the complete information security and management program. Our vCISO Office Consultancy team help direct your strategy operation, recommends policies and procedures, and monitors the process to the required standard. Our consultation and advisory program engage on: –

  • ISMS consulting services: ISO 27001/ NESA/ ADHICS/ HIPA/ CSA STAR
  • Payment security services: PCI DSS/ PCI 3DS/ SWIFT CSP Assessments
  • Virtual CISO services: Cyber risk governance/ Third-party risk review
  • Privacy Consulting services: GDPR/ CCPA/ BDPL/ PDPA

vCISO Office: Security Testing

Virtual CISO Office program uncovers various vulnerabilities rooted in your application and lurked in threats, ensuring the needed cyber safety and protection for customers. Being enriched with pioneer security testers who have completed 500 + application testing’s, our services across different industry verticals ensures your customer base stays confident on data privacy and application reliability. We deliver efficient threat hunting models and assessments that can aid your applications to worth extra-secure. Our security testing program binds the following services: –

  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Penetration testing
  • Red team assessment
  • Application security testing
  • Web API security testing
  • Mobile app security testing
  • Application code review
  • Threat hunting
  • Compromise assessments

vCISO Office: Security Operations

Our vCISO Office cyber security operation services are well designed and intended to stiffen customer’s security posture by furnishing timely incident response, operations control and managed detection and response services. Through our operation services, we cater for the best organizational security traits. We integrate the best security policies and strategies with sound operations, hiking the security posture of our valued customers. We let organizations walk through the deployment phase with our known expertise and passion, providing the required operational benefits. vCISO Office wraps the following security services into effective deployments.

  • Managed detection & response service/ Managed EDR service/ Captive SOC monitoring
  • Level 1 incident response/ Level 2 incident response/ Digital forensics
  • Infrastructure security operations/ Outsourced security management/ Secure network, host, environment service

vCISO Office: Cyber Engineering


Cyber engineering service is the perfect blend of electrical engineering and computer science to realize cyberspace. Our specialists in cyber engineering use their garnered skills in digital forensics, network defence and security policy in performing cyber security tasks. They also work on enterprise engineering hardware and software that needs a high level of understanding. They are responsible for designing high-level security systems at the node point of operational and information technology. Typical service benefits include responding to network security issues and ensuring overall security control. The service extends to modelling, implementing, managing, supervising, and upgrading systems/ networks/ data and administrative duties. In general, a vCISO Office cyber engineering service rounds up: –

  • Security network architecture/ security baseline design/ cloud security engineering
  • Data leak prevention/ secure web gateway/ secure email gateway
  • NGFW/ NGR/ NTA/ NAC/ IDS/ IPS/ WAF/ MDM/ Secure storage

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