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The primacy of Virtual CISO services in the present clock!

Managing information security tends to be a challenging and tedious task for businesses in the current digital tick. And to the rescue are

Virtual Chief Information Security Officers (vCISOs), an affordable service line to manage information security remotely and more effectively. Like business in-house counterparts, virtual CISO is services bring a deep understanding of strategic design, planning, industry knowledge, and resources and technologies required for modern information security and data privacy. vCISO services constantly tap the knowledge and experience of a seasoned team of security specialists, which adds value and expertise.

Table of contents

  1. IT security challenges
  2. What is a Virtual CISO?
  3. Need for a Virtual CISO
  4. 7 core benefits of a Virtual CISO
  5. How can virtual CISO help businesses
  6. How can ValueMentor vCISO service help businesses?

IT security challenges

The ever-changing threat landscape and ongoing economic imbalances shoot the need for dedicated security officers and leaders. As more businesses look to hire in-house CISO roles, security professionals will become ever more in-demand and pricey. Parallelly, there are more regulations, like the CPRA, CDPA and the EU GDPR, which include technically complex compliance obligations. These regulations and laws require organizations to implement intricate processes and sophisticated technologies that help businesses efficiently handle personal information.

What is a Virtual CISO?

The simple answer to organizations seeking security expertise, leadership and guidance is Virtual CISO services. Clearly defined, a Virtual CISO is a service made available to organizations for acquiring top-tier security leadership and expert services without hiring them full-time. And what goes parallel with a CISO position is that the service helps align all infosec policies and procedures with enterprise objectives and goals. In short, vCISO is an outsourced security advisor/practitioner that provides time and insight to an organization for bolstering its security posture on an ongoing basis.

Need for a Virtual CISO

Why Virtual CISO services? Here we will help you quick wrap the essence of vCISO services in the present time. Initially, hiring a full-time resource to fulfil the position is too pricey for organizations. Secondly, there is a genuine talent shortage or a cyber security skill gap in the market. And what to say – the six-digit salary of a full-time CISO takes the affordability factor far aside from small and medium-scale enterprises. Some of the typical challenges that push the very requirement for a more affordable and extendible vCISO service line are as follows: –

  • Growing threat surface.
  • Cybersecurity skill gap.
  • Cybersecurity budget constraints.
  • Stringent regulatory requirements.
  • Cloud adoption.
  • Average time to respond.
  • IoT security.

And there arrives the answer to these particular challenging scenarios that organizations face today – choosing vCISO services. In the case of large organizations, you get expert cyber security leadership and advisory services, costing approximately 60 to 70 % less than having an internal hire for the exact position. Also, the part-time subscription-based service model allows organizations to allocate budgets effectively and, at the same time, use expert insights to strengthen their security posture. And hence, you do not have to compromise on the requirement of high-end cyber security professionals.

7 core benefits of a Virtual CISO

Extend resources: A vCISO can help organizations affordably meet security leadership roles. Businesses can, for instance, fast fill a vacant CISO position by engaging a vCISO service line, which annihilates hiring hurdles and connecting costs. One other way a vCISO can stretch resources is that organizations are required to pay only for the time and service used while engaging with a Virtual CISO. And they can harness the skills of internal security teams, external peers, and industry partners to expand security capabilities without adding much expense.

Whet decision-making: A vCISO offers quick insights into cybersecurity risks that help management make proper, sufficient, and significant data-driven decisions. Organizations that lack a CISO role tend to concentrate on monetary risks with inadequate cyber risk considerations. And that is all it takes to expose them to security happenings.

Deliver expertise on trust: Yes, vCISOs have deep and relevant experience designing, implementing, and managing security programs. They typically bring an all-around range of proficiencies and historical understanding across industries. They will also be able to tap into personal networks of skilled peers and vendors for advice and problem-solving. And to the present threat landscape, it’s the understanding of newer risks and vulnerabilities which matters to the core that vCISO possesses, without a doubt.

Enforce plans and policies: While IT staff hold the technical chops to operate across the technology stack and networks, they often lack the time and training to develop and enforce policies, strategies, and plans. Similar is the case when it comes to managing and monitoring risks adequately. Here is where vCISO services can actually benefit organizations, balancing knowledge of technologies, security controls and policy and planning capabilities.

Gain efficiency or soundness: A vCISO can help build efficiencies across organziations, irrespective of the domain or business size. For instance, they can help lower the burdens of

managing full-time employees, complete ongoing activities like penetration testing and vulnerability scanning, develop robust employee training and awareness programs, and more.

Improve compliance: Organizations that don’t have a CISO position filled may also need to unravel the complexities of regulatory compliance. Whether you need to design and deploy an overall compliance program or revamp existing policies for new regulations, a vCISO can offer you the insight and assistance required to complete the job.

Third-party risk management: A vCISO can develop and execute robust programs for managing third-party risks. It elevates mitigation to be an enterprise-wide initiative: – one that helps reduce risks associated with malware and ransomware, implements adequate and proper security controls, continually monitors vendor activity, and grows awareness through regular employee training.

How can virtual CISO help businesses?

vCISOs or virtual CISOs help businesses by analyzing and identifying their risks or shortfalls and optimizing security for the long haul. They run constant and comprehensive security assessments of an organziations security posture to spot areas of improvement. The specific service line also helps establish major security standards and implement the right security controls in line with business objectives.

The service is a single point of contact for all information security concerns or issues. The vCISO support extends to incident responses, data breaches or answering different security-related queries for organizational customers. Here are a few areas that the service will concentrate on: –

1. Security Awareness training.

2. Security program design.

3. Data classification.

4. Vulnerability monitoring.

5. Vulnerability management.

6. DLP planning and prevention.

7. Vendor risk management.

8. BYOD policies and strategy design.

9. Security architecture design.

10. Security standard implementation.

11. Compliance initiative.

12. Identity and access management.

13. Audit remediation and management.

14. Information risk review and management.

15. SOC readiness and compliance.

Also, vCISO can manage various policies related to the following: –

1. Threat modelling.

2. System patches.

3. Pen testing.

4. Risk management.

5. Security checks and encryption.

How can ValueMentor vCISO service help businesses?

ValueMentor’s industry-agnostic, globally rooted vCISO offering provides a curated selection of security and privacy capabilities to help organizations accomplish their specific requirements. With rapid digital transformations, vCISO as a service is a pocket-fit, ideal and feasible option for small and medium-scale businesses. Through ValueMentor virtual CISO consulting services, organizations of any industry type or diversity could enable optimum level security for their infosec properties and assets. Jump to our service page to know more about our vCISO consulting approach.

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