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WEBINAR : The Rising Threat of Ransomware

Ransomware, one of the fastest-growing malware threats of the century, is estimated to attack one business every 14 seconds. Once it compromises a system, it encrypts the data files and displays a ransom note to the user demanding online payment in return for the decryption key.

To better understand the threats and ways to prevent the ransomware attack, ValueMentor along with Ironscales and SecureNet hosted a live webinar session on the topic “The Rising Threat of Ransomware”.

Our Presenters

Mr. Binoy Koonammavu CEO and Principal consultant, ValueMentor

Yaniv Elbaz VP of APAC, MEA and India, IronScales

The Topics we Discussed:

  • Common ransomware attack trends
  • Mapping ransomware attack kill-chain
  • Ways to prevent ransomware attacks
  • Self-learning email security platform of Ironscales
  • Tips to stay ahead of micro-targeted attacks

Watch our Webinar for more valuable insights on Ransomware threat.