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What are PCI PIN Security Standards?

PCI PIN Security Standards are the standards established by the Payment Card IndustrySecurity Standard Council, a global forum revolving around payment security for protecting PIN information. PCI PIN Standard outlines requirements connected to the management, processing, and transmission of PIN data. While PCI Compliance assures cardholder data protection, PCI PIN Compliance  targets the security of POS devices and terminals. 

ValueMentor PCI PIN Audit targets the core protection of sensitive PIN Data across enterprise POS devices and terminals, including attended or unattended payment terminals! 


PCI PIN Certification and Compliance Program helps address 33 PCI PIN requirements placed in 7 logical groups known as Control Objectives. 

PCI PIN Security Standards not just affect online transactions, but also offline card transactions handled in ATM’S and other attended or unattended POS terminals. Easy-fetch your PCI PIN Certification through ValueMentor PCI PIN Compliance and Advisory Program. Secure your electronic transactions now! 

Our Approach to PCI PIN Security Service

Our Approach to PCI PIN Security Service

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Why PCI PIN Security Audit & Compliance?

A PCI PIN Audit and Compliance Program ensures that the user’s PIN remains private and secure at the point of transaction.

A personal Identification Number (PIN) points to the vital information required to authenticate a user transaction. Any security flaw at the transaction end can lead to the loss of sensitive information. Additionally, the POS agents/ enterprises will have to face the aftermaths of non-compliance from payment brands. It can seriously affect the credibility of an enterprise, with hefty penalties on the flip side. PCI PIN Security & control implementation help protect PIN information from threats that affect POI and Acquirer/Interchange switches. It addresses challenges like device tampering, lack of equipment controls, usage of non-compliant hardware devices, weak key management practices, visual compromises, ATM/POI malware, PIN logging, weak PIN block controls, and weak test key usage.

Payment brands collectively require PIN program agents/enterprises to conduct on-site PCI PIN Compliance validation. The scope of the security standard extends beyond online transactions towards offline transactions in ATMs/ attended or unattended POS terminals. Therefore, enterprises require periodic reviews of their devices, adhering to PCI PIN requirements. Any devices facing a shortfall in security need to be replaced or patched against the standard.

Who requires PCI PIN Security Assessments?

PCI PIN Security Assessment is mandatory for those enterprises involved in the PIN transaction processes such as:

  • Collecting
  • Processing
  • Caching
  • Transmitting

Others that scope under the standard are those enterprises involved in encryption management services such as:

  • Certification & registration authorities
  • Key injection facilities

Enterprises require PCI PIN Assessment every two years to securely manage their PIN data to optimum levels.

Why ValueMentor PCI PIN Service

ValueMentor is a qualified PIN Security Assessor approved by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Council. Our certified security experts have immense calibre in the payment security division, performing PCI PIN Compliance audits over the years. We have aided 100+ small to large scale enterprises in successfully completing various PCI audit programs towards valued certifications.

Our best facets in the industry reflect robust security and risk development, accuracy in findings & reporting, prioritized recommendations, support to attestation, business continuity and being your best compliance and advisory partner throughout the process and beyond.

  • Experienced & qualified QPA
  • Best remediation advisory support
  • A tailor-made approach to security
  • End-to-end support
  • Robust security & risk management
  • Training & attestation support

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